Support recording a new album Flame of Rebellion!

Flame of rebellion

Warriors of Purnama!

This year, we’re recording our second album, Flame of Rebellion, which will be created in two studios. We’ll be recording at the Studio BARN under the supervision of Dan Friml. The overall sound will be taken care of by master Andy La Rocque (guitarist of King Diamond) in his Sonic Train Studios in Sweden. Of course, Purnama we’ll be present there too. Expect brutal and quality sound created by the masters in their craft.

The cover is handled by artist and friend M Luth Slaughter from Bandungu (Indonesia). A sample of his work for us can be seen under this post. This is the spirit of the main image, which will carry a profound symbolism and story. With our new Flame of Rebellion, our message is even more powerful than ever. In his light, we’ll feel the power of rebellion, defiance, and determination to stand up to new challenges and chase our dreams. Little by little, we’ll reveal more details. Trust us that everything is deeply thought through and linked.

Warriors, let us tell you this.

We have been working on our new creations as never before. We believe in Purnama, but mainly we believe in you because you are our future and strength. The album Flame of Rebellion is not just a lot of effort, but also a lot of money involved. Our estimated total cost is up to 120.000 CZK, and it does not include the video, which will be filmed this year. Come and help us, pre-order our new album now, or just send us any symbolic amount. Every help counts as it is all year round effort. So far, as Purnama, we have helped where it was possible. Now we need your help and believe that once we’ve got this, we’ll return to the battle of Evil against Evil.

Here is the account number where you can support Purnama.


IBAN - CZ04 2700 0000 0021 0789 9545

Please, don't forget to add your name or nickname to the amount. The first one-hundred of you, who sends 270 CZK and pre-orders the album, will be registered with a personal ‘thank you’ note inside the booklet.

Of course, you’ll help us too by purchasing our merchandise.

Thank you so much!!! We’ve already got over 4000 of you at our side, and even if everyone sent only 20 CZK it will help us a great deal and we’ll be grateful.

Surely you’ll recognize our gratitude and dedication!!

Next year we are going to celebrate a new album on tour and with many other surprises.