Support recording a new album Flame of Rebellion!

We are a death/black metal band from the Czech Republic and our goal is to play our music at full blast not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We want to conquer the whole world! We don't call our people fans - we have warriors by our side! We play death/black metal with modern elements. Our music comes strictly from ourselves and is as real and natural as possible. Purnama is a brutal and raw band with its own views. Our music and lyrics come from the dark depths of human soul and from pure wild. We put a lot of effort and energy into our music. We are ready to fight and take any opportunity that occurs.

Four years ago our band decided to start fighting for a good thing with our music. We've organized a lot of concerts through our project which we named Metal for Hope. And we've learnt one important thing. Metal connects people! And thanks to all these people around us we've already achieved many great goals and helped where it was needed the most.

All these steps have led us to releasing our first album which we put a lot of effort and energy in. It's called Lioness. Our music is our strength and strong people should be helping those who didn't have so much luck in their lives. That's why we've decided to dedicate the money from the sale of our first 100 CDs to the Donations Fundation of the Chance for Oncologists which helps children with cancer. Thanks to all of you our Lioness has gained 27.300 CZK so far. We consider metal to be music without any borders. It's just pure energy in everyone of us. We are here to help others like any ordinary person should.

Recently we've been busy working on our new album which is going to be called Flame Of Rebellion.


19.01.2019 - Ostrava - Barrák

01.02.2019 - Plzeň - Pod Lampou

02.02.2019 - Praha - Nová Chmelnice

15.02.2019 - Svitavy - Tyjátr

16.02.2019 - Kladno - Poldovka

01.03.2019 - Opava - Art

02.03.2019 - Žilina - 12 Opic

08.03.2019 - Brno - Melodka

09.03.2019 - České Budějovice - Fabrika

16.03.2019 - Chodov

22.03.2019 - Bánská Bystrica - Tartaros (SK)

23.03.2019 - Košice - Colloseum (SK)

05.04.2019 - Jablůnkov - Southock

06.04.2019 - Uherské Hradiště - Mír

13.04.2019 - Mladá boleslav - Sluj

21.05.2019 - Turnov majáles

24.-25.05.2019 - Metalbarsfest

13.-15.06.2019 - MetalGate Czech Death Fest

18.-20.07.2019 - Gothoom Open Air Fest

27.07.2019 - Mad Metal Manics

27.09.2019 - Kolín - U Vodvárků

28.09.2019 - Tábor - Střelnice

22.03.2019 - Valašské meziříčí - M-Klub

23.03.2019 - Vysoké Mýto - MKlub

18.10.2019 - Liberec - Bunkr Rock Club

19.10.2019 - TBA (PL)

15.11.2019 - Bielsko - Biala - RudeBoy (PL)

16.11.2019 - Trenčín - Lůč(SK)

29.11.2019 - Hodonín - Nautilus

30.11.2019 - Bratislava - Randál (SK)

07.12.2019 - Uherské Hradište - Mír

28.12.2019 - Havířov