We are Blackened Death metal band from the Czech Republic and our goal is to play music with maximum effort not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In 2017 we recorded our first album Lioness and started to push through the music scene. In 2018 we went on our first small foreign tour to Croatia and Romania. Our biggest success is the Within Destruction Tour 2019 with NAHUM and INNERSPERE. Last year we had thirty-two concerts, including participation in two major festivals Czech Death Feast and Gothoom Open Air Fest. This year we recorded our second album Flame of Rebellion. The new album is finished to the last detail and thanks to the support of our Warriors (fans) we were able to give the album all the care we wanted. We recorded Flame of Rebellion at The Barn studio and then traveled to Sweden where Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND guitarist) took care of the mix and mastering at Sonic Train Studios. We put the artwork in the hands of an Indonesian artist from Bandung, who calls himself M Luth Sloughter. In 2019, we also managed to make the Rebellion clip and become the winner of the Spark Fresh Blood talent contest. Our new album was released by MetalGate and we are currently going on our own Flame of Rebellion Tour 2020, where we have more than forty concerts all over the Czech Republic but also abroad. We care very much about the relationship between us and our Warriors. Only together are we one body, one soul, one whole. Through our lyrics and compositions, we want to remind you that each one of us - whatever he is struggling with - has the power to go and overcome our obstacles. In the new album, this idea is the main motive. However, this is not the only topic the “Flame of Rebellion” talks about. We call for liberation from the shackles of any religion or other restrictive doctrine. At the same time, we emphasize the power of nature as an entity that will endure all civilizations and all human endeavors to conquer it.

Concerts where you can see us in 2020 here.